Transfer Request

If you go to the "Receive" menus, now you can see there's another interactable at the top right section of the page named "Request", next tap and you will landed on Transfer Request Page. as shown at figure below.
Here are what you can do on Transfer Request Page :

🔗 Generate Transfer Request

Related to the real case, In certain point you might get hassle while transferring assets from one to another address despite the address itself being available on your contact list, and even when you're asking for a token transfer from your friend, you still have to share the token's address, amount and your address as recipient to the sender. With this feature, you will be able to generate an instant URL which led your request target to automatically fill the token's address, amount, and also your address as recipient instantly according to what you requested by interacting with these URLs. So you don't have to send each information to your request-target, simply just generate and share your generated URLs to your request-target
To begin, tap on the START button, and select the tokens you wanted to be transferred by your request target. In this example, let's try with Tether USD (USDT).
Then fill the amount after and tap on the CONFIRM button. Generated URL will be copied to your clipboard automatically and ready to be shared to your request target.
For Example, address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 has made a transfer request for 10 USDT, then the URL will look like this :
tap to interact with example url
The owner of 0x00 can share the generated URL above to be processed by the request target afterwards.
in this method, everyone can generate their transfer requests and the sender would be easy to transfer their tokens with less effort without making any mistakes that often happen when sharing the address


  • When you generate an URL, it does not lock to the specific target address as a sender that you want to, so you have to send the generated URLs manually to the sender. Instead, the generated URL points the sender to the recipient addresses (address which generate the URL).
  • Based on first, everyone can interact with the generated URLs without any limitation and expire time, so you can use at lifetime for example as to broadcast donate action
  • Sender and recipient needs to install Boo! for processing the URLs
  • Desired tokens are required to be verified by Boo!, so if you try to change the URL with custom tokens that have not been verified, then things will not gonna work.

🙏 Ask For Transfer

This feature works almost the same in purpose with "Generate Transfer Request", but the thing is you will be able to request directly at a specific address in a peer-to-peer manner. This feature is capable to notify your request target with a transfer request along with an additional message that you prefer to send.
For example, you wanted to ask 1 BNB to your friend through Ask For Transfer request
And then your friend will be notified by a push notification and show your request in the transfer request page with some more detailed information as shown below :
In the Latest Requests section, your transfer request will be shown right away whenever a request comes in and it's also added into request history. To proceed, tap on the "PROCEED" button to see its detail and tap again on SEND button then you will be redirected to the "send" page. On the "send" page things are working as same as the basic transfer mechanism but each required information is automatically filled, no need to put a lot of effort to fulfill all the data on the form.


  • Sender and recipient needs to install Boo! to be able to works with this methods
  • You can turn off the listen mode just in case you want to avoid spam, or you are unavailable to be requested for asset transfer
  • Desired tokens are required to be verified by Boo! to be available in the selection
  • There are different daily limit based on your themes capability
  • Limits will be set up back to zero everyday
  • To get started you need to wait 1 day after the date you had imported/created your wallet
Last modified 2yr ago