Audit Reports

CertiK as Audit Provider
To deliver end to end security between bumoon and it's project participants, we choose the best global blockchain security leader to perform a security check, therefore Bumoon token has audited by CertiK.
you can find the report here :

Locked Liquidity Pool Share

DxSale Initial Liquidity Share Lock Proof
We had locked our initial liquidity share on DxSale until 1st of January 2023, we simply believed that by the time flies until the day it become unlocked we have scale our tokens value a much more liquid than the first time it valued and also we plan to have another liquidity in CEX, so whenever we took it from our initial liquidity pool after the unlocked day, it have no great impact to the market stability because the percentage of initial share became diluted over the time, and this action is depends on our business cashflow. If our ecosystem ever has an unstable balance for operation cost, we probably used it in the future, or simply just burn it.
To prevent misinformation, sometimes the link provided above doesn't show a correct information, it happens in the DxSale app and absolutely does not came from our system, refreshing the page might resolve the problem.

Token Specification

  • Address : 0x3aeff4e27e1f9144ed75ba65a80bdfee345f413e
  • Total Supply :
  • Max Supply :
  • Circulating Supply : on our website homepage
  • Chain : Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Gas Fee : Around $1,5 in Normal State
  • Withdraw Function : Not Withdrawable Smart Contract Balance
  • Tax : Adjustable deducted amount
  • Mintable : No
  • Proxy : Not Implemented
  • Auto Injection DEX LP : Adjustable
  • Tax Mechanism : Yes, Adjustable
  • Maximum Transactions : 1% of Total Supply (Adjustable)

Tax Mechanism

Bumoon Smart Contracts allowed to deduct specific amount of tokens that triggered on transfers event such as regular transfer, buy, sell, it is only implemented in terms of direct communication between consumer and bumoon Smart Contracts.
Bumoon tokens treated as Dividend Tools by its taxes mechanism. Simply as repurchased the tokens from public market, it would triggered the transfer events to deduct specific amount of tokens and distribute among the holders by deducting the reflected ratio of all the participant tokens to efficiently reduce the gas fee cost instead of loop around all the participant address and emitting transfer events.
There are 2 types of tax that is distribute tax and the liquidity tax. We applied 5% distribute tax and 5% liquidity tax that adjustable to a specific condition such as exchange requirements.
as per March 2022 the total taxes are 2% (Pure distribute, with no liquidity injection deduct options) regarding to the community votes and security (bot etc.) concerns. Each time buyback mechanism executed based on the business revenue, the taxes would change back to 10% and reverted after in order to spread the dividend. See the buyback percentage from revenue in ourwhitepaper

Liquidity Pool Injection (DEX)

Liquidity Pool Injection works in several processes and conditions. In order to execute this function, specific amount of tokens hold in bumoon smart contracts must meet a specific threshold and the function state is in true condition. If the requirements are meet, bumoon Smart Contracts convert half of the threshold amount as BNB and later inject the resulted amount plus another half of unconverted threshold amount to Liquidity Pool, sometimes this action require a lot of gas fee. As bumoon launched on the DEX platform and not in the centralized exchange, the purpose of this feature was to stronger the on chain liquidity pool at the early stage.

Burn Events

June 15, 2021
July 26, 2021
August 21, 2021
December 2, 2021

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