A few words about Bumoon token
BUMooN Tokens in 3d

Token Utility

Despite of the green projects, bumoon aims to work together with current technology that suit the projects itself to deliver profit effortlessly, verified, and yet transparent as mentioned in bumoon Ecosystem Introduction. Currently blockchain is the most suitable tools to deliver those requirements. So all the profits generated from the projects are well distributed to all the people who participated in bumoon green projects differently with the public companies did.
In short, people can easily donate, invest, and act to improve the environment while giving them a much more rewards than they were initially given. So in this way, people get more attracted to do such a good things or activities for environment while automatically generating profit for all participants and improves environmental health.

Crypto Adoption

The idea itself came with our tags "Orchestrates Everything" who aim to connect each business and platform to led the market towards decentralized. The new protocol which came at mid 2022 would add another focus within the subproject while bumoon green projects are still under construction
Launch Date
Initial Burn
June 5, 2021
Presale ends at December 1, 2021
After the presale ends, there is no routine burn events, we shift our focus fully in operation and business management


BUMooN Tokenomics
Here it is what above image told us :
  • Liquidity : 30%
300. BUMooN token is added to the on-chain liquidity at the initial state
  • Warehouse : 40%
Warehouse / Deployer keep 40% of supply at the initial state in order to run private sale, routine burn, reward which circulates inside the business and our partners, airdrop, events, market maker liquidity
  • Burn : 24%
see initial burn tab at Technical
  • Developers : 6%
We split 1% each developers
Those all are the initial state and as the time goes on, burned tokens along with warehouse percentage will be changes due several things such as deflationary mechanism which diluted circulate supply and increase burn ratio, also routine burn that would eliminate warehouse supply
BUMooN tokens are considered as a cryptoassets which may be highly volatile due to the nature of supply and demand in the crypto market, as long as our projects still working smoothly, demands are automatically made by the closed-loop business itself and the teams are continuously scale up the business to make it sustain for undefined time. We are not responsible for theft and/or risk of loss that participants experienced either through their own fault or misuse of the system that carried out from outside of our control.
By participating in BUMooN projects, you are considered to understand and well-informed about the pros and cons that might be occur along the process. We suggest you to read all the docs provided, communicate with our teams, do your own research, participate according to your financial capabilities to prevent unwanted things in the future.
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