General Information about Boo™
Boo™ in between boundaries and horizon as business orchestrator


As we know BUMooN has several businesses that become revenue faucets for its sustainability and most of it comes from the fee of looping rewards and solution provider service in CARBooN. At some point, the tokens that circulates over the business process (it refer to business, not the blockchain) becomes difficult in either of to manage or to distribute the tokens itself seamlessly, particularly to the stakeholders which have a basic or even zero knowledge about crypto assets.
In purpose to make those things easier and prevention of the irregularly process, we build an Orchestrator.
The first strategy in the whole pipeline, Boo™ is planned to be a simple crypto assets wallet which mainly built in purpose to send, receive and monitor the current value of BUMooN tokens. But, it's also not limited to the BUMooN tokens, instead we provides a lot variety of tokens that especially existed in Binance Smart Chain. In that way, we could reach various market segmentation or even gain more business potential that also became a solution for our business pain point, whether it is a customers, users, participants, investors or another stakeholders.
Boo! is free for everyone, implement no charge, additional fees, and also non custodial

What can i do on Boo?

Basically there are several features that goes on our initial deployment
  • 👛 Wallet Core

    Just a basic function of crypto wallet, transfer - send - move, receive, create, import, export in a simple and clean user interface
  • ↪️ Swap

    This is get more interesting if you can do an asset swap without having rely on a aggregator protocols, so simply we bring excitement well-wrapped in a handy in-app swap. While others are focuses on copying a swap business models, we highlight the user pain point from having a bunch of step to simply running a direct trade on an embedded DEX. Boo! directly consumes swap core function in a smart contracts which is more secure and fast rather than depends on a websocket based protocols. You are capable to interact with thousand of available assets that have a liquidity especially on PancakeSwap
  • 📈 Asset Management

    All your activities within a specific assets are stored in asset history. You can even see charts in different time frames along with moving average options and read information of certain assets that have been verified for quick research
  • 🕺 Contacts

    Lot of users required to interact with their marked address by filled a raw address or even stored their contact list somewhere outside of the platform, and yes we simply put in on inside, so you never go anywhere with your marked address and directly choose from the Boo contacts list
  • ✔️ WalletConnect Protocol

    We also bring WalletConnect protocol inside Boo! for advance users that wanted to interact with dApps services
🔥 And any other satisfying features to help you surf the blockchain world seamlessly and so let us explain it more detailed in the next sub-section 🔥

When the small things turn out to be the culprit from trading in between markets

From what we've seen above, sometimes DEX is a better choice to find liquidity between market or even vice versa. DEX is also more resistance in order to manipulate the market price (applied on low volume CEX market). In the other hand, Slippage of total of fees between spot fee on CEX and gas fee on DEX may also be in your profit consideration which varies based on the smart contracts Tokenomics and exchanges rates.
And what usually happen was, sometimes you misguided by your wallets provider that implement averaging methods particularly at the moment when you tried to sold the tokens in DEX and then surprisingly you almost get the bottom average of your tokens value. This case may applied under certain circumstances such as Taxation (in smart contracts adjustable fees).
Let's take a deep look on John's case above. If he were sold his total 2000 tokens on DEX at $100,7 for $201.400 with 0% smart contracts tax fee then he is good to go as he would get what he could based on those normal calculation around $201.398 (DEX fees are excluded). But, what if the smart contracts itself apply an internal tax fee for example 10%? it means John's tokens must be valued in reduced by 10%, so his total 2000 tokens value at $100,7 market price shouldn't equal to $201.400 but $181.260 instead, and then what he will get if he execute the sell swap is around $181.258 (DEX fees are excluded).
Based on that case, you might consider several things below :
  • If i have 100 X tokens at $100 and my wallet said that my current net worth is at $10.000, is that considered as a valid value? especially when interact with on-chain liquidity and smart contracts
  • And to avoid those things i think i do need to monitor my tokens value periodically in DEX to get the right time for taking profit, is there are any shortcut available to passthrough this problem?
Many people had confused to choose between markets and in case they had chosen to sold in a DEX market, they come in late because they have to connect to the dApps or even they didn't knew that their tokens values in DEX is in the lead if it compared inside the average components, so they had never get profit by using arbitrage method.
Boo! afford real time monitoring of your tokens whose sitting around on the blockchain, so you always get a real value based from on-chain liquidity even when the smart contracts applied a taxation mechanism much more instant instead of whole market average price and you never have to periodically monitor your tokens value on DEX. But you can also see other markets value by opening token information and tapping on CMC's logo to get each market price.
In this mechanism, transactions are trustworthy, easy, direct, and fast without a middleware who helping you to calculate average market price because Boo! are focuses in decentralize manner. So whenever you have chosen to sold your assets on DEX, you will always told by a real value not an average or even price before deducted components.

Development Plan

In order to improves its services and utilities, we plan to scale up several features in the future, especially to gain more functionality for users and revenue stream potential for our business

At this point, we think you have enough knowledge and understand how great our tools was, straight to interact with our projects and explore the blockchain world with Boo! now let's get started!